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UberRetail is great for

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Retailers & Restaurants
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Real-estate Developers
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GIS Analysts
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Identifying high-value retail districts
Making smarter site selection decisions
Evaluating the health of current retail locations
Enhancing trade area forecasts
Detecting cannibalization issues
Explore Brand & Location Health Through a Powerful Dashboard
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Advanced Features
  • Pull data for hundreds of locations and extended timeframes using shapefiles, GeoJSONs, or our Proprietary Retail Boundaries
  • Our data sets integrate easily into your GIS workflow including ESRI’s
  • Historical data going back to January 2014
  • Access to additional datasets
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Package Pricing

Get single user access to UberRetail location analysis data, filters and visualizations. Subscription pricing gives you a set number of queries each month OR you can purchase a one time bundle package.

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